Thursday, June 11, 2009

Marble Brewing IPA

I really enjoy going to Marble Brewery - it's a really low key, chill environment with some damn fine beer. It's sister brewery - Chama River - is good too, but a little uppitity for me at times. Marble has recently distributed some of their beers (Amber, Wildflower Wheat and IPA) in stores, but there's something to be said about getting it straight from the tap.

Obviously, I've been on an IPA kick lately. The really unique hop aroma and taste has worked for me and I like trying different types. I have to say that of the IPA I've tried that are 1) available in Albuquerque and 2) come in quantities of more than a 22 oz bottle, I think that the Marble IPA is probably the best.

At 6.2% ABV, this isn't the most potent IPA I've had, but it's balanced so you don't fall off your bar stool. They use a nice variety of hops (Columbus, Amarillo and Centennial), which I haven't really seen in other IPAs and adds to the beer's unique tart flavor, with very little aftertaste. With a nice golden color and a hint of citrus scent, this is one fine beer to smell, see and taste.

You can find Marble beers at the brewery itself, Kelly's Liquors, Quarters, Smiths, etc... Many of the local restaurants serve it on draft (know it's at the Standard Diner and Nob Hill Bar & Grill). Definitely worth a try!

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