Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best Gift Part Deux - Grand Teton Brewing Teton Ale

The 2nd brewery that I got this past month from my Beer of the Month Club was Grand Teton Brewing Co out of Victor, Idaho. Never been to Victor, Idaho, not sure if I'm really planning on it, but after trying some of their beers through this club, I may just have to swing into town.

The Teton Ale, which is Grand Teton's Amber ale, is a pretty good showing from the great potato lovers in Idaho. It's got a sharp malt taste to it, very characteristic with what you would expect out of the amber. There is a really nice, smooth taste and ultimate finish, with very little bitter taste (only 24 IBUs). Just shy of 5.0% abv (4.98%...not sure why we can't just round up, but oh well), it's a little on the light side on how many you will need to start considering going to Jiffy Lube (see the Spaten Optimator review for that one...).

Would definitely recommend the Teton Ale - I also got the Old Faithful Ale as part of my shipment, but we'll get to that one later.

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