Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bridgeport Ropewalk Amber

One of the things I've noticed since starting this beer blog is that there are a number of beers that I have seen quite regularly, but never bothered to try. The Bridgeport Ropewalk Amber Ale is one of those beers - it's circus-y label stands out enough to draw your attention, but I never dared to try it as I went for the tried and true beer. I regret that, especially after tasting this brew.

There's a nice sweet first scent on the Ropewalk Amber that caught my nose. The malt offers a smooth, very lightly sweet taste. With a 5.6% ABV, the beer has some strength behind it, but the use of the Crystal Malt and "Northwestern Hops" (whatever those may be) are blended just right to make it a really enjoyable beer with (again) just that hint of sweetness. The caramel, amber color is right on too. I really enjoyed the Ropewalk and will definitely be trying out some more of Bridgeport's offerings.

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