Monday, June 8, 2009

Kelly's Robust Porter

I haven't really ventured into Kelly's darker beer offerings much. I think the Dunkelweizen was as far as I had gotten, but figured it was time to try something different and expand my horizons. The Kelly's Robust Porter fits that profile of dark beer extremely well - put that up to the light and you're not going to see very much passing through that beer.

With only 40 IBUs, this beer has a medium bitter taste which sticks with you a while after each sip. The hops used in the beer are light enough, though, to reduce the hop aroma from the beer, allowing the really great malt smell work its mojo. You can taste the roasted malt really well and it's really tasty. I was pretty surprised with the quality of this beer and its complexity of not just being a malt brew.

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