Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sierra Nevada Summerfest Ale

I was out in Phoenix last weekend and while hanging out between plans (pool and charity event), a beer while enjoying the heat sounded really good. So, my buddy and I stopped at Fry's and got this lager - the Sierra Nevada Summerfest Ale. I really like Sierra Nevada's regular pale ale - it's almost the beachmark of other pale ales I've tried.

With that in mind, the Summerfest was underwhelming. The malty taste reminded me of a Heineken or Beck's, but not in a bad way. With 32 IBUs, there was a bitter, medium bodied flavor. It's not overly alcoholic (5.0% ABV), so having one or two isn't going to knock you off the bar stool. This is definitely a beer that would be good if you were working in the yard because it was very refreshing. Honestly though, I had higher hopes for this beer.

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