Thursday, May 28, 2009

Isotopes Triple A Blonde

Leave it to Albuquerque to base their minor league baseball team after an episode of the Simpsons... "Mesquite-grilled onions. Jalapeño relish. ... Wait a minute, those are Southwestern ingredients. ... Mango-lime salsa? That's the kind of bold flavor they enjoy in ... Albuquerque!" Of course, since baseball is the American pasttime, it's very important that you honor that holiday with beer.

With Mrs. D, Mama D and Brother D in tow, we headed to 'Topes Stadium to enjoy the Isotopes hopefully beat New Orleans. The odd thing about the Isotopes beer venders is that if you get Coors/Bud Light you end paying like $6.25 per beer. Buy something "fancy", such as Blue Moon, Fat Tire, etc..., you're up to $7.50. If you're bold enough to go for Guinness, plan on shelling out $8 for that beer. However, if you're smart and head to the west side of the stadium, you can get a nice microbrew made especially for the Isotopes for the nice price of $6.25 - take that Coors!

I got the Isotopes Triple A Blonde for the game. It's got that perfect blond coloring and malty, refreshing taste that you would expect from a blond ale. There's a light sweet finish, with no aftertaste. A warning, though - I think that the vendors don't have the beer at the coldness that I appreciate. The beer got warm pretty quick, which made the beer a little tougher to enjoy and not nearly as refreshing. Not to say you should suck down the beer to enjoy it while it's cold, but with that said, you will probably WANT to suck it down.

The Isotopes also offer their Slammin' Amber, which we'll take a look at in a future post. Both the Slammin' Amber and Triple A Blonde are available at local stores, such as Smith's, Albertsons, Kelly's, Quarters and the Triangle Grocery in the east mountains.

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