Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

This past weekend, I took a trip to Phoenix as part of my regional director job for the Active 20/30 Club and decided some lunch at one of my favorite places was in order. Located in Scottsdale Fashion Square, the Yard House features roughly 120-150 beers on tap. And we're not talking 40 versions of Bud/Bud Light/Miller Lite/etc, these are finely crafted beers from all over the country. Today's beer - the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA was the first out the gate.

Now, probably the first thing I should have noticed (and did) was that there was a little asterisk (*) by the beer's name. This little guy indicated that the 90 Minute IPA is only served in pints and not in the 1/2 yard and yard containers. This meant to me that this beer means business and it did.

Coming in at a staggering (and stumbling) 9.0% ABV and 90 IBUs, this beer had a really strong hoppy taste from the get go. The hops tasted different than other IPAs I've had, but upon further research, I couldn't find a specific type, which I have a feeling is because they want to keep it under wraps. The beer takes a flavor journey as it starts with the bold hop and medium bitter taste, then hangs out with a mild sour aftertaste. The finish, likely from "Mystery Hops", was unique and unlike other IPAs, adding just a hint of sweetness.

The scent was great - especially when I got a little too close to the foamy head and snorted it. Nothing like hops IN your nose - did not ruin the enjoyment of the beer by any means. The high alcohol content sticks with you a little bit, so if you're looking for a similar quality, but not as alcoholic or bitter, go with the 60 Minute IPA which is 6.0% ABV and 60 IBUs. I didn't get a chance to try that one, but it was also served at the Yard House.

This was a great IPA and would highly recommend it if you happen to catch it in the liquor department or happen to be in Delaware where the brewery is.

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