Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kelly's Belgium Dubbel

Mama D really enjoys Kelly's - I think that everytime she's in town, we end up going there. That usually works for me, as the food is good enough and the beer is tasty. I've brewed beer there, which is a blast, and the brewers themselves are very knowledgable. Having learned this the hard way, I've had a few instances where I didn't necessary get what beer I ordered. It hasn't gone all that well and there was one instance where I had ordered a Hefeweizen and received a Dunkelweizen instead and I had to argue how it wasn't physically possible that what I got was a Hefeweizen. But I digress.

This time around, I got the Belgium Dubbel. The Kelly's folk call it a double strength Belgium, and I can see that. The beer has a very interesting smell, bordering on sweet. You get a really smooth taste with a bit of malt and NO aftertaste at all and extremely low bitterness (only 30 IBUs). The Belgium Dubbel also had some nice clove, cinnamon and hint of fruit to it, which is pretty characteristic of the Belgium type beers. With a 6.3% ABV, this beer has some strength behind it, but not a beer that you drink and feel you got punched in the face.

Not a bad brew if I do say - I tried the Robust Porter as well, but that is a beer for another day!

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