Monday, May 25, 2009

Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA

Boy, I do enjoy the Flying Dog brand of beers. Readers of this blog know of my affinity for the Flying Dog In Heat Wheat - probably my favorite American style wheat beer. So, I figured it was time to branch out and try one of their other beers, and since I was on an IPA kick, why not try the IPA?

I would definitely call this brew a quality IPA. There is a great amber color (see picture!) and strong hop taste that is characteristic of the IPA. I got a big bitter hit that doesn't stick around all that long, with a long, very lighter aftertaste. With a 7.1% ABV, this beer has a kick to it, and with a 60 IBU rating, it's got the bitter hop taste to back up its IPA status.

Very good beer from a great brewery - go hit this one up!

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ABQbeergeek said...

It's interesting that Snake Dog is mow 7.1%. It used to only be 5.9%. Guess they were getting left behind by the trend of bigger IPAs and had to reformulate.