Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation - Back to Reality

Ah, back from a great week of relaxation.

Durango was freakin' awesome. Stayed at the Durango Riverside RV Park and Resort (site 17 on the map), which was right on the Animas River. Spent the first day sitting outside the trailer...doing nothing.

Actually ventured into town and had lunch at Carver Brewing Co. Awesome food, great beer. We actually went back on Wednesday and got a growler of the Hefeweizen (for me) and the Raspberry Wheat Beer (for Tina). The Raspberry beer was actually pink - very interesting. Also went to the Steamworks Brewing Co. and had a beer there. I was a bit sad because the Colorado Kolsch was out, but the Lizard Head Red was a good substitute.

Came back to NM by going through Pagosa Springs and Taos, and parked the trailer at Pendaries RV Park for the next month to store it until "the next trip". I love it up there because Pendaries doesn't have cell phone coverage, so no calls!

Two injuries during vacation - 1) I was hooking up some stuff outside the trialer and stood up into the door and got a nice gash/bruise on my shoulder; 2) I walked into an awning post similar to Tim Allen walking into the pipe in the basement on Home Improvement...nice bump on the head, thanks to that one...

Good times - gotta love vacation

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