Thursday, July 10, 2008

I need my fix!!!

When I lost a bunch of weight the first go around, I did it by switching from regular cokes to diet cokes. Obviously, if something doesn't have calories, it can't at all create some sort of strange caffeine addiction or strange need to consume cold, delicious, carbonated can after can...

Well, Diet Coke/Pepsi/Coke Zero/Dr. Pepper (and all flavored variants in between!), SCREW YOU. I'm done with this. It's freaking noon and I've already had 3 diet cokes and a strong cup of coffee. Looking at my hands right now as I type, they've got a bit of a shake to them.

As of today, no mas colas (diet or otherwise)! I'll stick with water and other such noncarbonated, nonalcoholic drinks. If I start acting a, write it off as withdrawal symptoms.

If anything, better do it to avoid becoming a Hyper Active Strong Sad ...

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