Friday, July 11, 2008

Surgeon Sage Says Avoid The Syph

I was listening to Bob & Tom this morning and one of the comedians was doing a bit on condoms, which included a deal on old timey methods of contraceptives. Anyway, I found this old ad on Wikipedia and just started laughing.

It also reminded me of the line from Austin Powers - "Only sailors use condoms baby." "Not anymore, Austin." "Well, they should, the filthy beggers go from port to port."

Tina and I watched this new show on CBS called "Greatest American Dog". Some pretty freakin' talented dogs, also some freakin' bizarre people who treat their dogs like movie stars (complete with clothes, a wagon, etc... - see Beth Joy and Bella Starlet...gag). The one lady with a border collie named Leroy was confusing our Leroy (see right) because the woman kept yelling "LEROY!!! NO!!! LEROY!!!!" Poor guy. There was also a Maltese named Andrew who seemed to be the more "put together" version of our Maltese Andy. Both dogs though had one thing in common - the same dopey look in their eyes. Gotta love it.

Ah, it's Friday.

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