Monday, July 27, 2009

Mixed Beer Bag

I've been neglect on a few reviews that have been sitting on my Blackberry, but never seemed to get written. Bad beer blogger! BAD!!! So, in an effort to get the community educated on a few more beers, it's time to chug some beer - here we go...

New Belgium Mighty Arrow Pale Ale - the first time I had this one, the glass and beer was so cold that a thin layer of ice formed on top of the beer. Now, I like my beer cold, but I think this was pushing it. The beer definitely has a hop taste, but not the same that I'm used to with a pale ale. There's a little honey malt base to the brew and a sour aftertaste. The initial taste you get is really sharp, but quickly fades away. Not a bad offering from New Belgium.

I enjoy Blue Moon as sort of the "microbrewed, but not really beer". If you're in a restaurant and you've got a choice between Blue Moon and say...Bud Ice, I'll take the Blue Moon. The seasonal beers that they offer are equally reliable (with some better than others), especially the Full Moon winter seasonal and the Rising Moon (beware the Harvest Moon, while tasty...there are some after-effects and we'll leave it at that). I finally tried the Honey Moon summer seasonal and kinda got what I expected. This one has a nice light golden color, with a sweet honey taste. Not a sweetesy honey, just enough to get the flavor into the beer. The beer ends up with a very similar taste to a white ale, but sweeter and less "spicy". I would probably not buy this one again for myself...maybe for those who want a "beer", but don't want a beer.

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