Friday, July 31, 2009

Marble Double IPA - A Hoppy Punch in the Face

I really enjoy Marble Brewery - they have one of my favorite IPAs, though I have yet to try this year's NM IPA Challenge winner the Ilvico IPL. So, obviously, if I like the regular IPA, the DOUBLE IPA must be twice as good, right? I'm an accountant...the math works out. Word to the wise - Marble doesn't sell bombers of this bad boy...just FYI. The 8.7% ABV speaks for itself.

Whatever the unknown hop complex Marble used, it's potent. I kinda think of the Punchy from the Hawaiian Punch commercials when I think of my first sip of the Double IPA - a real punch of hops....right in the kisser. It made for a really strong taste (not a bad thing), which was very distinctive from the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, which I think was a much smoother blend of the hops (and far more dangerous). The bitter taste was characteristic, but there was sour aftertaste that stood apart from the regular IPA aftertaste.

Good beer - I think I'll stick with the standard IPA, though. The Double IPA, while good, doesn't have that same delicious blend that the regular IPA has.

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