Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 250th Birthday Guinness!

I'm not all of that much of a Guinness fan really. Someone recently travelled to Scotland and Ireland and the message from there is that "Guinness doesn't travel well." I can usually have one, maybe two, Guinnesses (Guinnessi?) before I'm ready to move on.

Imagine my surprise when I get home from a conference to find this little gem in the Beer Fridge. Tina had seen it at Smith's and thought it looked interesting (ah, I'm rubbing off on her...) The Guinness 250 Anniversary Stout was excellent - a really smooth, rich coffee/chocolate taste with that roasted malt flavor in there too. You don't get that same aftertaste that I tend to have at the end of a Guinness Draught, but maybe that's because the 250 doesn't utilize nitrous.

Anyway, grab one of these six packs and celebrate a birthday!

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