Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Freakin' American Airlines

I love to travel - but I'm very particular with who I fly with. Southwest Airlines is reliable and I know what I'm getting. Anything else (especially Delta...ahhh I hate DELTA!) is a crapshoot at best. There is no telling when some random-ass technical issue/luggage delay/etc.. is going to get your butt stuck in Dallas overnight after traveling for 12 hours already.

Which is what happened to me a bit ago - coming back from the 20/30 National Convention, my plane got delayed in Cabo, then got into Dallas and through customs with 5 minutes to get through security AGAIN and run to the plane. Thanks to American Airlines employees, who said "I don't think you have a chance to get there, so here's your voucher" - I ended up staying at the Westin somewhere near the airport. Getting to the hotel, I wanted nothing more than to eat and have a good cold beer.

Fortunately for me, the bar/restaurant in the hotel was open and did have more than just Coors or Bud. I ended up with the Fireman's #4 Blonde. It had a really nice crisp flavor, with a little hint of honey or some sweetness that blends into a sharp malty taste at the end. Boy, did this go down smooth after an awful day of travel. With a low bitterness (thanks to 21 IBUs) and decent alcohol content (5.1%), I was ready to hit the sack and get up at the buttcrack of dawn to catch my flight. I think the beer was the only thing that saved me from having a whole bunch of pent-up anger for the flight. Had that happened, I probably would have ended up like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents....

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