Monday, April 20, 2009

Odell Brewing - IPA

There was a really cool guy working at the Quarters at Wyoming & Montgomery today who I didn't catch the name of. Next time I go in there, I definitely will, as he recommended two tasty brews. The first one on the Beer Blog will be the Odell India Pale Ale (IPA for your acronym-heads out there).

I've found past experiences with the Odell brand to be pretty positive - the 90 Shilling and Easy Street Wheat were good representations of their respective types and were well worth the price. So, when Quarters Guy (whose name will be forthcoming) recommended this one, I did not hesitate to grab the six pack.

IPAs as a whole are a hoppy bunch. This one would fall somewhere in the middle of the Hop Scale. It's definitely nowhere near the Chama River Double IPA (which was the liquid representation of a Hop getting nuked with gamma radation and smashing the brewery itself), but definitely has that kick of hops as you take a slip.

While there is the characteristic bitter taste, it is nothing that gives you the "Bitter Beer Face". There is an excellent, clean finish - one that makes your taste buds ready for another sip. Be careful as your bottle will be quickly empty if you don't watch it. Do watch it though, as this beer is more buzz-worthly than your average six pack, with a 7% ABV (most IPAs I've found are around 6-6.2%

I had one of these earlier today as I washed the car. It hit the spot as it was an amazingly warm day (about 80 or so) and when you're leaning up against a really hot Tahoe to get the roof washed, it's easy to get parched. The one I'm enjoying as I write this little review is in a nice frozen glass and is a great beer to wind down the day.

Conclusion - A great hoppy, bitter and smooth representation of the IPA brand. Will definitely be purchasing this for the beer fridge again.

Odell IPA
60 IBUs
7.0% ABV

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