Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beer Fridge on the Road - Murphy's

The second stop in lovely Prescott was Murphy's, just about a block from the town square. This place looks and feels "old-school". There is a lot of great, dark wood and in the bar area, there are these tall booths, that really enhances the friendly, neighborhood bar feel.

I've been to Murphy's a few times before and noticed the number of plaques on the wall of esteemed members of the Professional Beer Drinker Club. The idea is simple - pay $15, get a shirt and glass, drink 60 beers and get your name on the plaque. The beer list is actually numbered and each time you have a different beer, you get your card punched on whatever number that beer is. Obviously, this offered a challenge, which I must accept.

The first beer I tried was Murphy's own Prescott Red (one of the three beers that they have on tap, the rest are bottled). This was an extremely smooth brew, offering little hoppy taste or bitterness. It was very refreshing with just a hint of aftertaste (and that's it...). The Prescott Red was a fine beer, but lacking any complexity or signature flavor. I was quite surprised about this, and a little disappointed as I like beers with something to remember them by.

The follow up to the Prescott Red was on the opposite end of the spectrum - the Arrogant Bastard Pale Ale. The name is very much a reflection of the beer itself - it's one tough SOB. There is a definite kick to the beer, with a hefty 7.20% ABV. You get the hop taste, but it's not overpowering or as strong as you would find a traditional IPA. The beer is going to stick with you for a little bit, as you can keep tasting it in the back of your throat. Read the bottle itself, if you could use a laugh.

I also tried the Murphy's Mile High Lager, but after two beer stops, I wasn't really thinking about taking notes. It was good though, so will need to come back for a more indepth "interview" with the brew.

So, three down, 57 to go! Next time - Four Peaks Brewing Company in Scottsdale!


Brian Bishop said...

If you can find it, you should try the "Double Bastard Ale." It's even meaner than the original, and just as tasty.

Jason said...

Will have to keep an eye out of those - I've seen the Oaked Bastard, but never tried it.