Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beer Fridge on the Road - Prescott Brewing Company

Last weekend, I had a great trip out to Phoenix, AZ and got to take a detour to scenic Prescott. This quaint little town is about 2 hours from (and 20 degrees cooler than) Phoenix/Scottsdale. While my wife and mother-in-law explored the thirft stores for hidden bargins, I took a tour of the town square, which was surprising stock full of bars. I think one block alone had 5 bars.

The first stop in the square was Prescott Brewing Company, a great microbrewery located in one of those mall-like areas where there are a bunch of stores branching off a central hall. The brewery itself is covered in coasters from all over the world and antique beer plates. Very chill environment and definitely would be a place I'd frequent if I happened to live in Prescott.

Our server, a very Irish-American gent by the name of Bryant, started me off with the Belgian Tripel and a warning of the beer's 10% ABV. While a lot of highly alcoholic beers have a bit of a kick to them, this one was extremely smooth. It had a light champagne taste with a texture similar to Boddington's (without the nitrous). There was a hint of sweetness to it, but nothing overpowering. The beer taste sticks with a mild, honey-like aftertaste. There is definitely a buzz-worthy factor to this beer, as I was feeling very nice after finishing it.

Bryant's next recommendation was the Alpine Wheat. This traditional Bavarian wheat beer reminded me a lot of the Hofbrauhaus (except not in the massive mug that Hofbrauhaus would provide). In tradition with the German method of drinking this beer, there would be no lemon! It definitely didn't need it though, as the beer had just the right taste without the extra citrus. There is a bit of a banana taste to it, but it's not overwhelming. Very crisp taste and extremely refreshing, but not a beer I'd be drinking after working in the yard. Would definitely enjoy this beer again!

Next, we'll visit Murphy's and check out the Professional Beer Drinker's Club.

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