Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wow, talk about a hobby.

So, I started this blog back on April 20, 2009 (right after tax season mind you). 1,000 hits and 118 different beers later, we close out 2009! Some things I learned this year:

1) IPAs are tasty - 21 of the 118 new beers I tried were IPAs
2) Go local when you can - probably some of my favorite brews come from local breweries, where you can literally get it straight from the tap. Marble Brewing definitely wins out on this locally.
3) Beware of Barleywines, but in a good way - these suckers are potent and can result in backseat wrasslin' during Thanksgiving if you're not careful. Not advised unless you want massive bruising the next day.
4) Bombers are great for trying new stuff that you can't get in a six pack and often are special releases, so worth trying.
5) More liquor stores need to implement "Mix-A-Six Pack" deals...Papago Brewing in Phoenix does this and lets you explore without buying full six packs.

Anyway, cheers as we enter 2010 and a lot of new beers!

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