Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holy Hop Head, Batman!

I used to really enjoy watching that old Batman show. I remember my grandparents getting me the movie, which had the Penguin (Burgess Meredith at his very best), Joker, Riddler and Lee Meriweather Catwoman (I personally prefer Eartha Kitt, but that's me) had this whole scheme where they dehydrated their goons (who were actually labeled Goon #1, Goon #2, Goon #3...) and somehow they landed in the batcave and were rehydrated. And there was Bat-Shark Repellant. Don't leave home without it. Oh, the 60s....

But really what we're here to talk about is some beer. Specifically, the Green Flash Brewing Hop Head Red Ale. This beer looked intriguing before I even opened it, as it was a red ale that was hoppy. Given it came from Green Flash, I figured it was going to be pretty good. The brew pours a sturdy red, darker than most red ales you'll come across, and a nice, foamy auburn head. The aroma is a nice blend of hop and malt. Not as robust and hoppy as you'd expect in an IPA, but definitely hop-worthy and fragrant. The first taste was where I really really enjoyed the beer - citrus hoppiness, but not overly bitter; malty, but not what you'd expect in a red. Good body, not heavy at all. The bitterness of the hops mixed with the smoothness of the red made for an excellent combination. I would definitely get this beer again, since it's an awesome blend of two styles I really enjoy. It's got a nice 6.4% ABV, so not too strong, not too wimpy.

Appearance - 4.0/5.0 - sturdy red, darker than normal red, auburn head
Smell - 4.0/5.0 - a nice blend of hop and malt, not overly strong but fragrant
Taste - 4.5/5.0 - definitely hoppy, but not overly bitter, malt flavor there - medium body, flavors of an IPA, but definitely a red
Feel - 4.0/5.0 - bitterness of ipa with smoothness of red, really good, lingering bitterness
Drinkability - 4.5/5.0 - would definitely have again, a good alternative to an straight IPA

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