Thursday, August 6, 2009

Duel of Wit/White

Last month's Beer of the Month Club came with two white ale/witbiers (I lump them together and I'm sure I will get crap for that, but they are really...really similar and makes my life easier): the John's Grocery Generations White Ale and the Joseph James Brewing Alpine Wit. Armed with a cold glass, I tackled the two beers.

The Alpine Wit from Joseph James (or Red Fox Brewing, apparently...) was really tasty. It featured a much sharper malt and spice taste than other white ales, such as Sam Adams, Mothership Wit or the other beer in this duel. It was also a darker beer than I would have expected, being more golden than other white/witbiers. There is a hint of sweetness, but it's contrasted by that sharp spice taste mentioned above. 5.1% ABV and a low low 15 IBUs.

The Generations White Ale was a bit more of the standard, with a few subtle differences from a Sam Adams type white ale. This beer was slightly sweet, but finished with a hit of spice on the back of your tongue. Like you would expect from a white ale, it's got that spicy aroma of coriander, citrus, etc... No aftertaste, so very clean.

But if I were to pick a victor of this duel, it would be the unique flavor of the Alpine Wit!

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