Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beer Scores

So, I'm going to be utilizing a new system to more quantitatively measure what I think of a beer. Blah-blahing about it is wonderful, but I think it would be helpful to put a number of it.

Version 1.0 of The Beer Score System is a 100 point scale. Think of it like your spelling test: 0-59 is a F, 60-69 is a D, 70-79 is a C, 80-89 is a B, 90+ is an A. A beer that gets a 85 is a good, strong beer; one that I would purchase again, but maybe not travel to a remote location if it was the only place that had it.

The score is based on a number of qualities - taste, color, aroma, unique characteristics of the beer itself, memorability (so, maybe a component of the beer itself, perhaps it's the name/packaging). I'm not going to break it down presently, but V2.0 will have more of a breakdown. But let me get through my back reviews...then we'll get V2.0 off the ground.

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