Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stop in for a beer after you hit the gym

I've been going to Defined Fitness for a bit now, and always thought that was ironic there was a Krispy Kreme right next to the Juan Tabo location. There were a number of times where I'd get done working out, then grab a free hot donut and one for the road. Really made that workout count.

Today though, I noticed that the old Krispy Kreme was under construction to become...a new O'Niells! I really like that place, especially when we go to do the Geeks Who Drink trivia. This makes my trips to O'Niells only take 5 minutes, rather than the 15-20 it takes to go down to their San Mateo & Central location. Someone told me that after running a beer is better for ya then water...but that could have just been an excuse for a brew. I can only hope this new location will end up with a patio or something. Good call, O'Niell's!

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